Affordable Powerful Folding 26 Inch Fat Tyre Electric Mountain Bike T500 OS (Green/Blue/Yellow)

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The Otto 26 inch Mountain Electric bike is a  27 shimano speed transmission control system Foldable Electric Mountain Bike with the T500 motor. Powerful e-bike using the best T500 motor system, which is coupled with 48V/10Ah Lithium Electromagnetic hidden battery. The dexterous but Strong and lightweight Frame ensuring a comfortable fit for all cyclists of all ages and easier to move in mountains, as well as easy to charge bicycle. This is the best Fat tyre electric mountain bike for adventure on hill sides or anyone to enjoy in the city, suburb or country. This e-bike is the perfect partner for mountain tour adventure with friends, family or cycling group.

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  • Huge Fat tyres will take you anywhere, and the extra power from the powerful electric motor will get you there and back again.
  • Reliable Disc brakes provide all the stopping power needed – The powerful alloy frame, forks, rims and components make this mountain bike light weight but strong
  • The powerful motor help with long & steep climbs and power up to high speeds on flat roads

Factors include:

  • Level of pedal assistance – higher level of assistance will use more battery charge
  • Weight of Rider & Luggage – more weight may require more power from the battery
  • Terrain & Weather Conditions – Terrain & wind may cause drag, and will require more power to maintain speed.
  • Tyre Conditions – Incorrect tyre pressure may create more rolling resistance
  • Traffic/Route Conditions – Stop/Start cycling may use more power to accelerate up to appropriate travelling speeds.


Product T500 Powerful Mountain Electric Bike
Frame Light, Hard and Comfortable Dexterous but Strong Frame
Max Assisted Speed 25KM/h
Front Fork HL Intermediate Shock Absorber
Transmission 27 Speed Transmision System
Motor T500 Powerful Motor
Charging Time 5 to 7 Hours
Bicycle Weight 28.5 Kg
Maximum Load 200Kg
Color Balck Green, Black Blue, Black Yellow
Battery 48V 10Ah Lithium Electromagnetic Hidden Battery
Wheel Size 26″ (26 inch)

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