Phoenix EBikes

Phoenix Electric Bikes are built for effortless riding. With its 10Ah lithium-ion battery, this astounding electric bike can really go places with as far as 40km on a single charge.

The ever-dependable 250W brushless motor can deliver a maximum street-legal speed of up to 25km/h for every cycling activity. These Phoenix electric bikes are built to last, feature an aluminum alloy frame that is lightweight yet strong and sturdy.

Better still, the electric bicycle is also loaded with a host of useful features that makes riding it a pleasure.

Such as the high-quality Shimano 6-speed shifter mated to large tyres for smoother cruising, thick cushioned seat for extra comfort, front and rear disc brakes for more effective braking, and not least, front fork suspension that makes going over rough terrain a less jaw-juggling prospect.

At the back, a strong bag rack ensures firm storage while an LED headlight makes night riding as clear as day. With the Phoenix electric bike, getting there is so much more enjoyable with every destination.

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