Top 10 Best Folding Electric Bikes

If you care about the environment, have a mobile lifestyle and want a compact, take-everywhere companion for all your mobility needs, folding electric bikes are a reliable way to achieve all your ends and more in one sweet, sweet piece of machinery.

For those who love the outdoors, and want something to ride to work that lives under the desk, takes up little space and stores like a charm; a quick glimpse about our candid reviews of some of the best folding electric bikes on the market should you have up and running with something that works for and delights you in no time! 

A Candid Review of the Best Folding Electric Bicycles in Australia

Lyon 20 Inch Urban Electric Bike

Technical Specs

At 21kg of net weight, this slight beau packs a lot of power and has a maximum load capacity of about 125kg. It also comes complete with a 250W brushless motor and a reliable 36V 10Ah lithium battery which is a fast charge at a minimum four hours to full charge.

Key Features

This machine packs a 250W brushless motor which guarantees friction-less mobility all day long. In addition to this, its left-sided brake sensors basically ensure that your safety is built into the design.  

Beaut Electric Bike

Technical Specs

This fine folding electric bike is built to last with its Hi-ten steel frame and can reach maximum speeds of up to 25km/h. It also comes complete with front and rear light reflectors that ensure that other road users can see you in the dark. Also, with this dandy, you can be assured of seamless travels that are all but guaranteed by its detachable, 34V 10.4Ah lithium battery, as well as its on-bike charging capacity.

Key Features

This machine is not just built to last,it is also built to ensure that all your travels are safe. Its reliable Promax V-brakes provide the ultimate stopping power in motion. This in addition to its, digital-display controlled reflectors which give you access and peace of mind on the road.  

Gecko Electric Bike

This masterpiece of engineering craft comes with an anti-rust alloy frame. It also comes with a 36V 8.7Ah lithium battery and a powerful Promax V brake. Also, this beauty is designed to enable rider comfort with its one button switch between paddle and throttle assist and a maximum load capacity of 110kg.

Key Features

This lightweight, e-foldable bike comes with indomitable promax brakes, powerful, anti-rust, alloy components and a powerful 250W motor for seamless on-road experiences and a fun run on steep climbs if you are up for a rush.

Electric Mountain Bike

Technical Review

These powerful folding electric bikes come with a robust 26 inch wheel and a HL intermediate shock absorber for all-terrain rides. For power, It also packs a T-500 motor and has a maximum load capacity of about 200 kg. They take a minimum of 5 hours to reach full charge and have a rider conformed, dexterous and comfortable frame.

Key Features

These powerful folding electric bikes come with a robust 26 inch wheel and a HL intermediate shock absorber for all-terrain rides. For power, It also packs a T-500 motor and has a maximum load capacity of about 200 kg. They take a minimum of 5 hours to reach full charge and have a rider conformed, dexterous and comfortable frame.

City Electric Bike

Technical Specs

These beastly electric folding electric bikes can go pound for pound with any on the market for strength with its high carbon steel frame. It’s also a hub of power with a 48V 240W Brushless Motor and a lithium battery that comes with over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection. This machine can also reach an incredible 70km on full charge with pedal assist.  

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Key Features

If you’re on the market for pure power, look no farther than these electric folding electric bikes with their 48V 240W brushless motor. It also comes complete with a 48V lithium battery which carries protections that allows you the freedom of longer, faster and more intense rides than most models on the market. 

Valk Electric Bicycle

Technical Specs.

This machine is built to be a steady, reliable everyday companion. It also carries a 250W motor, as well as a reliable front suspension and 26-inch wheels that guarantee comfort on wheels. Once it ships, you also get 26kmh of top speed as well as a hydraulic that all but ensures your safety.

Key Features

If what you’re on the market for is something to take to and back from work, this should be a serious contender. It has a reliable wheel, brake system, reliable suspensions and a high power motor. Although this bike is slightly more conservative than most, its battery plus motor combination means that a rush of speed is never off the table.

TDR 36 V Folding Electrical Bike

Technical Specs

This machine is a bling mobile with its black matte colour, 26-inch wheel and stainless rim. It also comes complete with its 250W of motor power. In addition, it packs powerful front, and rear disc-brakes and takes a pedal assist to a new level with five accessible options. At full charge, this beau can go for up to 50km with pedal assistance.

Key Features

These electric folding electric bikes have a pedal assist mode which kicks in as soon as you pedal to add an extra umphh to each cycle. It also comes complete with LED lights, LCD display unit and an comfortable seat for pleasure on wheels.

Samsung Folding Electric Bicycle

Technical Specs

These lightweight electric folding electric bikes come in at about 17kg net and are able to tolerate a maximum load capacity of about 120kg. They also pack quite a bit of power with its 36V 250W brushless motor and can reach speeds of up to 25km/hour.

This piece comes as a lightweight, anti-rust aluminium alloy for the ultimate combination of engineering grit and aesthetic brilliance. In addition to this already impressive array of features, it also packs a 6.6AH Li-on Battery and a 250W DC brushless hub motor as well as a front LED headlight for a relentless and awe-inspiring experience on wheels.  

Leitner Folding Electric Bicycle

Technical Specs

With its 250W motor, this folding electric bike is built for a long run. It also comes complete with a fully loaded pedal assistance system and can reach speeds of up to 25km/hour. For power, this machine uses an upgraded 36V 10Ah battery and adjustable seats for an immensely comfortable experience on wheels.

Key Features

This is a nostalgic take on folding electric bikes as it can be adapted as a manual type bike. In addition to this, it comes with a built in efficiency for longevity with its strong, folding electric bike, front suspensions guarantee both safety and aesthetic quality.

Neocycle 36V Electric Bike

Technical Specs

The Neocycle electric foldable bicycle is a single geared machine. Despite this, it comes in blistering hot with 250W of brushless motor power, and a 35V 5Ah lithium battery. It takes a minimum of 4 hours to reach full charge and has front and rear V brakes.

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Key Features

This machine provides a fun and effortless experience for all ages, across a range of cycling activities. For everyday commute, it comes fully equipped with an LED digital display which allows seamless access to key information. Built into this Neocycle’s design is an appreciation for your physical fitness and wellbeing with its ergonomic design. It is also a viable alternative to fossil-fuel based modes of transport!

Which foldable electric bike is right for you?

Now that you have a sense of what the best electric foldables on the market are, you’re probably wondering how they all differ in everyday use and what you might hope to enjoy from each experience. Below are a few questions that’ll help you decide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best electric folding bike?

Although there are general answers based on power, battery strength and ease of use, you are likely to obtain the best experience from a machine that suits your particular use case. For me, the Freestyler comes up solid on the one thing that matters to me: speed. Other models will complete your experience for ease of use, seamlessness, ruggedness and durability. It is a wise investment to spend a few hours looking at reviews and use case sites like this one to get a sense of each machine and how it really works. 

What is the lightest folding electric bike? 

The hummingbird is likely the world’s lightest, foldable bike at a net weight of 6.9kg. While lightness is a key addition to the value proposition of a foldable e-bike, it is important to consider other factors like maximum load weight as a necessary complement to enable actual real world utility. While a foldable electric bicycle should be lightweight and easy to carry, it should also serve to carry an optimal load while maintaining high efficiency and performance. 

What is the best value E bike? 

What constitutes the best value to you may differ from others. Deciding what is useful to you in an electric foldable bicycle should be based on the particulars of your use case as different bikes offer different value adds. The section above dives deep into each electric foldable and how it might serve as a timeless complement to its owner. 

What is the best electric bike in Australia? 

For me, the best electric foldables in Australia are likely the Freestyler which brings a lot of speed and the Otto three step foldable which is just a brawny, bulk of raw, undiluted power. From Brisbane to Barthust, I find that these machines deliver a consistent experience of joy and exhilaration on my adventures. 


Whatever your use case is, there is definitely a foldable bike for you! When you do make the decision to purchase one of these fine pieces of high quality engineering and craftsmanship, take some time to collect information on your particular use case, read reviews and informational sites such as this one to get a more holistic picture and guarantee an unbeatable experience on the road.