Progear EBikes


Throughout the past decade, the electric bike market has seen a huge growth in revenue and riders. Many say it was because technology is gaining ground, while others claim that a fast-changing society needs easy solutions like e-bikes.

Understand that, e-bike companies such as Progear Bikes in Australia have focused their efforts on providing the best value for money and the perfect kinds of electric trikes and electric bikes to the general population. They’re also dedicated to making electric commuting available to everyone and ensuring that their products are both high-quality and cheap.

For almost two decades, Progear Bikes has been supplying Australians with inexpensive, high-quality e-bikes. Their main goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of pedaling, regardless of riding ability or fitness level.
Progear makes reliable, affordable, and convenient electric trikes and electric bikes for everyone for the benefit of its customers. They’re also proud of their NDIS-approved electric trikes, which have been assisting the elderly and people with disabilities for many years.

These electric bikes and trikes have undergone extensive quality control testing and will no doubt withstand the test of time and the roads. With their top-of-the-line designs, you can rest assured that you’ll get a performance that’s superb!

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