Top 7 Best Ladies’ Bicycles in Australia

Unlike many diamond frame models on the market,  the ladies’ bicycle completely evens out the playing field for women of all ages and body types.

While step-through bikes were feminized because of the distinct advantage they offered to the skirt/gown wearing women of the 20th century, many modern women are opting for step-through electric bikes today because they provide a lucid combination of comfort and steady reliable power that is hard to surpass.

7 Best Ladies’ Electric Bicycles in Australia

Best Commuter City Electric Bike E-Cology  

Technical Specs

These incredible ladies’ bicycles come in blazing with a powerful Bafang MAX-01, 36V 250W motor. Despite the fact that they pack a ton of power, they also set the standard for rider safety with their Tektro Forged Alloy brakes,Tektro Alloy Brake Levers, PVC mudguards and Kenda Kahn tyres which come complete with a K-shield puncture protection layer. At 28kg of net weight, this beau is a steal for its remarkable price.

Key Features

This ladies’ bicycle is the ultimate guarantee for safety on the market. It comes fully made with a low-maintenance, Tektro braking system and incredible Polyvinyl Chloride mudguards for a dirt-free experience and a low centre of gravity which enhances its ease of use when mounting/unmounting this incredible machine.

Soho Ladies’ Bicycle

Technical Specs

This beautiful ladies’ bicycle are engineered for a maximally comfortable riding experience. They come complete with reliable disc-brakes, 36V 10Ah batteries and an aesthetically pleasing range of colours. Also, once the TDR ladies’ bike ships, you’ll get an LCD screen that’ll serve to improve access, and convenience.

Key features

Not only does this fantastic machine define empathic engineering through an almost impossible combination of power and comfort, it also puts all that power at the tip of your fingers with its mechanical disc brake system.

Beaut 20 Inch Electric Bike

Technical Specs

These awesome ladies’ bicycles are designed for durability. They come with incredible Hi-Ten steel frames, 25km/hour of maximum speed capacity and a front and rear light that comes with a built in reflector for safety on your rides.They also comes with a 36V 10.4Ah lithium, detachable battery and a powerful Promax v-brake for safety on your rides.

Key Features.

Not only is this ladies’ bicycle the gold standard for durability, it also comes complete with a powerful 250W rear motor, an incredible folding frame and 20 Inches of tyre width for the ultimate experience of rider-rush. It also provides the basic display package with an on/off switch, battery indicators, light control and its own unique take on 80’s nostalgia with a beautiful electric bell.  

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TDR Ladies’ Electric Bike

Technical Specs

The TDR step through bike is a complete and utter beauty with its black frame. They also come with 250W of motor power, a 36V 10Ah, and a powerful grip with front, and rear grip. Also, this ladies’ electric bike comes complete with mudguards which’ll serve to keep the dirt away.

Key Features.

While this ladies’ bicycle is objectively one of the most beautiful models on the market, it also comes with a powerful motor and the ability to traverse a wide range of terrains.

Electric Ladies’ Bicycle

Technical Specs

These intelligent ladies electric bicycles come fully integrated with RPM sensors which complement your power, and momentum on wheels. Also, they come complete with a powerful 250W Bafang rear-hub motor, and 25km/hour of maximum speed.

Key Features

On the one hand, this ladies’ bicycle can go pound to pound with any model on the market for safety, and on the other it brings so much more to your experience. In addition to its advanced RPM system, and its powerful brushless motor, this masterpiece is also a lightweight at 32 kg of net-weight. In addition, this trusty companion gives you at least 600 charges to ensure that you enjoy a consistently uninterrupted experience all day long.  

Daphne ladies’ electric Bike

Technical Specs

This women’s electric bike is the epitome of raw, undiluted power. With a net-speed capacity of 25km/hour, and a 250W 36V Bafang motor. Also, it comes complete with comfortable leather seats and a 5 levels of pedal assist.

Key Features

While this incredible step-through frame road bike combines power, and beauty with stunning finesse, it also provides rider support through its five (5) speed gears.

Valk Electric Bike

Technical Specs

The Valk is engineered to provide maximum aesthetic pleasure. Its Aluminium unisex urban frame achieve a perfect complement of beauty and performance. In addition to this, it comes with a classy, 250W Bafang motor, as well as an LCD display for your convenience.

Key Features

While this step-through ladies bike is a beauty to behold, it also comes with useful features from just about every end of the electric bike spectrum. For power, it comes with a powerful 250W motor, for safety, it comes with powerful, hydraulic disc brakes, for ease of use and access, it comes with an LCD display unit that provides critical information on speed, battery life, among others.

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Which of these Ladies’ Bicycles should I buy?

If you’re not a bike-head, you probably read through the section above with only a small sense of how each model differs from the other. While the bikes on this list all provide very high value for money, they differ in small ways which may be insignificant from a technical standpoint but can alter your experience meaningfully for both work and play. The section below provides some information to this end. 

Factors to consider when buying a ladies’ bicycle

While the factors that determine your final purchase decision will likely stem from the particulars of your use case, there are a few technical details that you should necessarily look out for when you go all out for your incredible biking adventure. The first and probably the most important is motor power. 

Motor Power: 

For just about every electric bike model on the market, the motor generates the motile power and ensures that you get from one point to another. When making a purchase, always look to get a minimum of 250 watts (250W) from any model you decide to purchase. 


While other variants of the electric vehicle category carry various design and engineering adaptations that suit very specific use-cases, the basic ladies’ bicycles are built to ensure optical appeal. When you make your purchase, always look to get value for this particular feature regardless of price.

Aesthetic Design

While other variants of the electric vehicle category carry various design and engineering adaptations that suit very specific use-cases, the basic ladies’ bicycles are built to ensure optical appeal. When you make your purchase, always look to get value for this particular feature regardless of price.


Regardless of what your motives are, the ladies’ bicycle is a wonderful way to get from your home to the office, hang out on vacations, go grocery shopping or ride into whatever epic adventures your day might bring. Whatever you do, always ensure that you do a good job of collecting as much information as possible about your final purchase decision as small details can make a meaningful difference to your experience.