Ranger 26 Inch Off Road Mountain Electric Bike MA (Black)

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Note: This bike is for off-road use only (not road legal)


This 26 inch framed thumb operated throttle mountain electric bike is equipped with powerful DC hub-motor. It is using the best 350W brushless motor system, which is coupled with 36V Lithium Ion battery. The strong and lightweight High-Strength Aluminium Frame and larger wheels ensuring a comfortable fit for cyclists of all ages and is easier to ride with run upto 40kms after charging between 4-6 hours. It is the ultimate compromise between Urban Commuting & trail blazing that help you tackle any mountain and terrain. Monitor all your trip information with the sleek LCD display which shows – Current Speed, Odometer, Tripometer, Range, Trip Timer. Watts or Amps, Battery in Percetage or Bar, Assist Level 0-5. The Lithhium-Ion battery is hidden inside the aluminium frame for a tough but stealth look and with front shocks and disc brakes, this beast won’t let your limits hold you back. This is the bike for specially mountain adventures or anyone who want to enjoy electric bike off road. Buy yours today! Click on Buy it Now button above.

Note: This bike is for off-road use only (not road legal)


  • Powerful eBike will take you anywhere, and the extra power from the brushless electric motor will get you there and back again.
  • Reliable brakes provide all the stopping power needed – The powerful frame, forks, rims and components make this city bike lightweight but strong
  • The powerful motor help with long & steep climbs and power up to high speeds on flat roads
  • Travel distance on our Electric Bikes: The travel distance after a full charge on this e-Bike can vary from 35km – 40km. On electricity the travel distance could be 35km but on power assist it could reach upto 40km. There are several factors that will affect how long the battery will last after a full charge.

Factors include:

  • Level of pedal assistance – higher level of assistance will use more battery charge
  • Weight of Rider & Luggage – more weight may require more power from the battery
  • Terrain & Weather Conditions – Terrain & wind may cause drag, and will require more power to maintain speed.
  • Tyre Conditions – Incorrect tyre pressure may create more rolling resistance
  • Traffic/Route Conditions – Stop/Start cycling may use more power to accelerate up to appropriate travelling speeds.


Product Off Road Mountain Electric Bike
Frame High-Strength Aluminium and Superior Auto Paint
Max Assisted Speed 35KM/h
Motor 350W Brushless Motor
Charging Time 4 to 6 Hours
Bicycle Weight 21 Kg
Maximum Load 110Kg
Color Black
Battery 36V 10Ah Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Weight 2Kg
Range On Electric: 35Km, Powes Assist: 40Km
Front/Rear Brake Front & Rear Disc Brake

26 inch (26″)

Throttle Thumb Operated
Display LCD Displays Current Speed, Max Speed, Average Speed, Odometer, Tripometer, Range, Calories, Trip Timer, Clock, Mode, Watts or Amps, Battery in Percetage or Bar, Assist Level 0-5.
Headlight Front LED Headlight
RIMS Double Wall 26 inch Alloy
Spokes Stainless Steel
SPROCKET 52T chain-wheel crank
Seat Super Soft Comfort
Stand Side Kickstand
Gear Shifting Shimano Derailleur 6-Speed Freewheel 14x32T
Pedals High Quality Nylon Pedals


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