Electric Bikes: Eight Tips For Buying One in Australia

As new issues with the projected economic contraction and public health safety continue to unravel, electric bikes are becoming a more popular option for many Australians. This is mostly because unlike buses, trams, cars, and most other means of transportation, the e-bike is in many cases, a single-person machine.

Due to this, in times of isolation, quarantine, and social distancing, the e-bike is the most practical and efficient means of long and short distance travel available on the market.

The section below is an invaluable list of important things to consider while making a purchase decision.  

Eight key tips for buying an electric bike in Australia

Start with why

Electric bikes for West Australia

Ebike Pro Australia’s WHOWW model can help you discern your why in three easy steps.

WHY? (Fill in the blank)
I need an electric bike at this moment because it helps me _________.
While a wide range of reasons will present themselves to you, defer to the most gaping pain point. The one that cuts across a wide range of activities during your day. 

HOW? (Fill in the blank)
I need an electric bike that helps me get __________ done daily. 
While it’s easy to confuse your “WHY” with your “HOW”, the extra variable of daily use specifies how it makes your life better in the actual context of your day. 

WHERE? (Fill in the blank)
I need an electric bike that takes me ______________ regularly/often/sparingly. 

This section provides a simple framework that helps you think about the places you might go on your electric bike. If you’re buying a bike for daily commute to and from work, you will want a different e-bike compared to a mountain rider.  

Choose a competent retailer

Who’s the best electric bike retailer in Australia

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to understand a retailer’s service quality before you make a purchase. While buying local has many merits, it also does not account for competence, service quality, and product/service range. To solve this problem, buyers are encouraged to carry out a wide range of research before making a decision. 

Some of the more conventional research methods include reading reviews. While this can provide some information, know that they can also be manipulated to give the buyer a false sense of security. Another method might also be to read the negative reviews on the website and see how the service provider resolves the issue, when, or if at all. To get a more complete sense of the situation, it is important to do a little bit of everything to establish a trend before making a purchase. 

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Test ride the bike

How does this electric bike ride?

This point is moot in a sense. It implies that the retailer is local and that he will let you test ride the bike before you make payment. While these variables are true for some, it is unlikely to be the case for most considering the impact of the Coronavirus as well as economic and social effects on many small businesses in Australia. 

Although reading reviews is great, getting to know the electric bike by riding it is a great way to understand if it does what you need it to. If this option is available to you, by all means, take it out for a spin. 

Review your budget

Which electric bike can I pay for?

If you work with a small cash budget, your ideal electric bike might be out of your price range. One option is to look out for quality retailers that offer payment options. This way, you can pay-off your electric bike as you enjoy its tremendous benefits. Another possibility is to look for a cheaper electric bike that has some of the most important features you want.

This way, you trade-off some of the more luxurious components for your core needs. If you already own a manual type bike, an electric bike kit might be just what you need. Whatever you do, make sure to factor in a brief review of how much its parts cost as maintenance costs can spiral out of control if you can’t afford them. 

Look out for the warranty

How much trust is in this electric bike

Think about your electric bike warranty as the true expression of the retailer’s confidence in his product. While it is not advisable to simply avoid electric bike/vehicles that do not carry a warranty of some sort, you will be better served if you ask your retailer why. Most electric bikes carry a one year warranty on the motor, battery, and parts. 

On the other hand, the lack of a warranty might imply that the electric bike is under-priced and can be picked up at a bargain price. It is reasonable to expect a one year warranty on most new electric bikes although some pricier models come with two. Whatever you do, ask questions about warranty offers as they give vital insight into how the retailer perceives his product and can be invaluable if you run into problems soon after your purchase. 

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What is its social value

Does this electric bike suit me socially

You need to consider how your soon to be electric bike fits into your social life. While it is important to consider the functional aspects of your purchase as they directly impact your experience, it also matters to think through your social environment and surveil how it might make things better or worse.

If most of your social conversation with your family and friends centers around driving to and from work and to other places of common interest, switching to an electric bike might cause temporary strains as you replace the communal cars, buses, and trams for the more private experience of an electric bike ride. The key to this is communication: Speak openly about your new lifestyle choice and slowly shift the social emphasis to a new location or shared space. 

Buy, for now, pay for later

Will your electric bike age well?

While the price of your electric bike will often be matched with its quality, it is not an iron law. Whether you get to enjoy your bike for a long time or not has more to do with the particulars of your use and maintenance than how much it costs. 

This is not to say that there are no differences between high-cost electric bikes and lower-priced ones, it simply means that you have more control than you might think on its long term usefulness. Regular maintenance, careful use, and proper storage will do you a lot of good in this regard. Whatever you do, speak to your retailer about the possibility of a service subscription as having another pair of eyes on your electric bike might be an invaluable aid to its value over time. 


To get the best experience possible, follow the outline above of things to look out for in a potential purchase. While some of the more functional things matter, look out for the social aspects too.

Also, pay attention to who your retailer is and how well he does his job. Look out for the negative reviews and see if they are resolved and ask about warranties. On a final note, without a doubt, the electric bike is a wonderful investment of time and money. Enjoy!