Progear EBike Review – Which Are The Best EBike ETrike Models?


Throughout the past decade, the electric bike market has seen a huge growth in revenue and riders. Many say it was because technology is gaining ground, while others claim that a fast-changing society needs easy solutions like e-bikes.

Understand that, e-bike companies such as Progear Bikes in Australia have focused their efforts on providing the best value for money and the perfect kinds of electric trikes and electric bikes to the general population. They’re also dedicated to making electric commuting available to everyone and ensuring that their products are both high-quality and cheap.

For almost two decades, Progear Bikes has been supplying Australians with inexpensive, high-quality e-bikes. Their main goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of pedaling, regardless of riding ability or fitness level.

Progear makes reliable, affordable, and convenient electric trikes and electric bikes for everyone for the benefit of its customers. They’re also proud of their NDIS-approved electric trikes, which have been assisting the elderly and people with disabilities for many years.

These electric bikes and trikes have undergone extensive quality control testing and will no doubt withstand the test of time and the roads. With their top-of-the-line designs, you can rest assured that you’ll get a performance that’s superb!

Progear EBike Review


1- E-Classique Electric Bike Review

The E-Classique Electric Bike, as its name suggests, is a modern electric bike with such a perfect look. Its unique color combination will set it out from the audience, and it even includes a teak front basket to make it look unique.

But don’t be confused by its smooth looks; the E-Classique is a durable e-bike that can be used on a daily basis. With a full charge, it has a range of up to 70 kilometers, allowing you to take it everywhere you want and need to go.

Technical Specification 

Fork                            (700C) Rigid Alloy Fork

Frame                          (700C x 17″) Alloy

Handlebar                   Steel Width: (595MM, )  (H:66 44)

Stem                            Alloy ( 25.4 * 100mm +-30)

Pedal                           Alloy (9/16)

BB sets                       (BB 68*126 mm)

Grip                            (L=130MM) (R=92M)

Crankset                     (170m Crank) (42t Chainwheel)

Chain                          (1/2*3 / 32 x 118 L)

Shiter                          (Shimano Tourney SL – RS 35- 7R) (7-SPEED REVO SHIFTER)

Derailleur R                (Shimano Tourney TY 300 D 7 / 6 SP)

Hub F.                         (700 C 3/8 * 13G * 36H * 100 *108) (W/QR,115mm)

Brake                          (Mechanical disc brake) (Rotor = 160mm)

Kickstand                    (Steel Kickstand)

Seat Clamp                 (31.8 Quick Release)

Freewheel                   (Shimano Tourney MF-TZ500-7) (7-SPEED) (14-16-18-20-22-24-34 T)

Rims                            700C*1.5(622)*13G*36H,H=25,double wall

Spokes                        (280mm W / brass nipple)

Seat Post                     (27.2*350 mm * 2.55 T)

Motor                          (36 V * 250)  (W *700C)  (25KM/H – Complies to EN15194)

Controller                    (700C 36VAP 12A)

Charger                       (42V 2A DC2.1) charger port AS

Torque Sensor             (dual hall Cable length:130MM)

Display                        (0-5 assist level) (Max Speed 25kph)

Tyre                            (700 C * 38)

Battery                        (36V 8.7AH) SAMSUNG battery cell


2 – E-Sierra Ladies Hybrid Electric Bike Review

The E-Sierra Ladies’ Hybrid Bike is ideal if you want an electric bike that is both functional and stylish. The hybrid electric bike is the perfect combination of maximum style and comfort for any woman.

Comfortable seats and firm seats ensure a pleasant trip with no pain. Likewise, the E-Sierra Ladies’ Hybrid Electric Bike is an excellent fitness buddy! You can go on a morning walk with it to burn some calories!

Technical Specification 

Stem                                        (Alloy 70mm + -7)

Frame                                      Alloy (700C * 17)

Grip                                         (L: 125mm, R:92 mm), Closed end

Handlebar                               (Alloy (Width 660 MM. 30mm) rise)

Fork                                        (Suspension fork travel (65 mm) with lockout)

Pedal                                       (Alloy 9/16″)

Derailleur R                            (Shimano Tourney TY 300 D)

Crankset                                  (170 mm Crank) (36t Chain ring)

Chain                                      (1/2 * 3/32 *108 L)

Freewheel                               (Shimano CS-HG200-8) (8-SPEED 12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32 BR)

Shifter                                     (Shimano SL-M315-8R) (RIGHT, 8-SPEED RAPIDFIRE PLUS)

Brake                                      (Front / Rear Mechanical disc brake) w/ 160 mm rotor

Hub Front                               3/8 *13G * 36H

Rim                                         (26 * 1.5 * 13G * 36H) H= 25 A/V

Spokes                                    (249mm W/14mm) Steel nipple

Seat Clamp                             (31.8 Quick Release)

Tire                                         (700 * 40C)

Torque Sensor                         (Dual hall Cable 80MM)

Display                                    (0-5 level) (Max Speed 25kph)

Charger                                   (42V 2A DC2.1) charger port

Battery                                    (36v, 8.7AH) Samsung battery cell

Controller                                (square wave 36V * 12A)

Seat Post                                 (27.2 * 350mm)

Motor                                      (700C 36V250W 25KM/H) Complies to EN15194

Kickstand                                (Steel Kickstand)

3 – E-Sierra Mens Hybrid Electric Bike Review

Another model of E- Sierra is next on the list. The E-Sierra Men’s Hybrid Electric Bike is much bigger than the earlier one, although having the same features. The speed sensor is the key difference; the lady hybrid bike has an 80 mm double wire, whereas the male hybrid bike has a 150 mm double cable.

In any regard, both E-Sierra versions are ideal for commuting or recreational riding. Their light frames make them simple to ride and provide excellent speed, balance, efficiency, and comfort.

Technical Specification 

Derailleur R                            (Shimano TY 300D)

Fork                                        (Suspension fork travel (65 mm, with lockout)

Stem                                        Alloy (70mm, + -7)

Handlebar                               Alloy width (660MM, 30mm) rise

Crankset                                  (Alloy Crank Length 170mm) (36t Chain ring)

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BB setes                                  (L BB73 *127.5mm (26+73+28.5)

Chain                                      (½ *3/32 *116L)

Frame                                      Alloy 700C×18″

Grip                                         (L: 125mm, R:92 mm,) Closed end

Pedal                                       (9/16 Alloy)

Shifter                                     (Shimano SL-M315-8R) RIGHT (8-SPEED RAPIDFIRE PLUS)

Display                                    (36V 0-5 level) Max Speed 25kph)

Freewheel                               (Shimano CS-HG200-8) (8-SPEED) (12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32)

Kickstand                                (Steel Kickstand)

Brake                                      Front/Rear (Mechanical disc brake) (160mm) Rotor

Hub Front                               (3/8 * 13G* 36H*)

Rim                                         (26 *1.5* 13G* 36H ) H= 25 A/V)

Tire                                         (700 * 40C)

Seat Post                                 (27.2 * 350 mm)

Seat Clamp                             (31.8 Quick Release)

Battery                                    (36v – 10.4AH)

Motor                                      (700C 36V250W 25KM/H) (Complies to EN15194)

Controller                                (square wave 36V * 15A+1)

Torque Sensor                         Dual hall Cable (150MM)

Charger                                   (42V 2A DC2.1) charger port

4 – Progear E-Glide Folding Electric Bike Review

The most affordable e-bike on the list is at the very top. The E-Glide folding electric bike, with a price tag of just under a thousand dollars, is the ideal e-bike for a first-time buyer.

This isn’t to say that experienced e-bikers won’t appreciate E-Glide. Every e-bike user will appreciate the Shimano 7-speed transmission on the potential folding e-bike. It’s also lightweight and conveniently foldable for use on public transportation.

For frequent travelers, E-Glide can be a constant friend. It’s not difficult to travel to your destination on this simple yet functional folding electric bike!

Technical Specification

Frame                                   (Alloy Folding Frame)

Fork                                      (Forks Steel)

Handlebars                           (Flat Bar Alloy (540mm)

Derailleur                             (Shimano Tourney RD-TY300D) 7-Speed Rear Derailleur

Chainwheel & Crankset       (1/2 x 3/32 x 52 T Chain wheel) with (170L Alloy Cranks)

Brake Lever                         (Alloy Brake Levers)

Front Brake                          (Tektro Alloy V Brakes)

Rear Brakes                          (Tektro Alloy V Brakes)

Shift Lever                           (Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Revo Shifters)

Freewheel                             (Shimano AMFTZ5007428 7Speed 14-28T Freewheel)

Saddle                                   (Comfortable padded saddle)

Saddle Clamp                        (Promax Alloy Seat Post Clamp)

Grip                                      (Comfortable Rubber Grips)

Chain                                    (1/2 * 3/32 * 114L Steel)

Stem                                     (Alloy Folding Stem)

Bell                                      (Plastic Bell & Alloy)

Tyres                                    (20 x 2.125) Black Tyre

Rims                                       (20 x 1.5 x 13G x 36H) Alloy Rims

Available Colors                     (Black)

Net Weight                             (20.5kg)

Max User Weight                   (90 kg)

Rack Weight                           (10kg)

Motor                                      (250W DC Brushless 36V)

Display                                    (LCD Display Panel)

Battery                                    (36V 10.4AH Li-ion Battery (2600mhA)

Distance                                  (Distance on Charge, Up to 75Ksms. (Depends on style of riding, terrain, weight carried, level of assist and other variables)

Charger Information               (42v, 2A DC Charger (AU Plug)

Functions                                (Max 25km/h PAS, 6km/h Assist Model, 1-5 Levels of Assistance


5 – E-Blast 26″ Fat Tyre Electric Bike Review

The first e-MTB on our list comes next. The E-Blast e-MTB is a premium all-terrain e-bike with 26×4 “fat tyres. It has wheels that are capable of handling the hardest routes and steepest slopes. It also has a central transmission system that provides for improved weight distribution and enables optimal stability when riding long and steep trails.

Technical Specification

Stem                            (Alloy 70mm + -7)

Frame                          (26 x18) Alloy Frame

Handlebar                   (Alloy 660 MM Width) 5 Rise

Freewheel                   (Shimano Altus HG-200 8-SPEED) (12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32(BR)

Grip                             (130 mm closed end rubber)

Fork                            Alloy 26

Pedal                           (Alloy 9/16)

Crank sets                   (170 mm Crank, 36t Chain ring)

Chain                          (½ * 3/32 *118 L)

Shifter                         (Shimano SL-M315-8R) RIGHT (8-SPEED RAPIDFIRE PLUS)

R. Derailleur               (Shimano Tourney TY300, 11T/28-34T)

Hub F.                         (26 3/8 *12G * 36H)

Brake                          (Mechanical Disc Brake, F/R, Rotor 160mm)

Rim                             (26 * 4.0* 12G* 36H) single wall A/V

Seat Post                     30.4 * 350 mm

Spokes                        (256mm, W/14mm copper nipple)

Tire                             26 * 4.0

Display                        (1-5 level) 25km/h max assist speed)

Kickstand                    Alloy Kickstand

Motor                          (36V * 250W * 26) (25KM/H complies to EN15194)

Sensor                         (Dual hall Cable length) 150mm

Controller                    (36V * 250W) brushless controller

Charger                       (42V 2A DC 2.1) charger port

Battery                        (36v / 10.4AH complies to UN38.3/MSDS

6 – E-Trail MTB 27.5″ Dual Suspension Electric Bike Review

The E-Trail Electric Mountain Bike offers the full spectrum of e-MTBs. The beautiful color palette distinguishes this outstanding electric mountain bike from its predecessors. The E-Trail is a mountain bike that has been designed with a light gold alloy frame. It’s the thrill you’ll carry with you on your next climbing excursion, thanks to its powerful style and motor finish.

Technical Specification

Suspension component           (1000Lb × 24 × 24 × 170mm)

Handlebar                               Alloy Width (680MM, 15MM Rise)

Grip                                         (130MM Rubber Grip)

Suspension Fork                     (27.5, 100mm Travel) Hydraulic Lockout

Stem                                        (Alloy 90mm, +-7).

Pedal                                       (9/16 Alloy)

Crank sets                               (Crank Length 170mm) 36t Chain ring

BB sets                                    (L BB73 * 127. 5mm (26+73+28.5)

Chain                                      (½ *3/32 * 116L)

Freewheel                               (Shimano CS-HG200-8) 8-SPEED (12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32(BR)

Shifter Lever                           Shimano (SL-M310, RIGHT 8 Speed Rapid Fire)

Brake                                      (Mechanical disc brake Rotor 160mm)

Hub Front                               (3/8 * 13G * 36H)

Tyre                                        (CST 27.5 *2.10)

Derailleur R                            (Shimano Tourney TY300D)

Frame                                      (Alloy 27.5×18)

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Torque Sensor                         (double hall)

Seat Post                                 (30.4*350mm)

Charger                                   (DC2.1) charge port

Controller                                (27.5, 36V * 350W)

Seat Clamp                             (34.9 Quick Release)

Motor                                      (36V*250W*27.5)  (25KM/H Complies to EN15194)

Display                                    (0-5 Speed Levels) Max Speed 25kph

Kickstand                                (Alloy Kickstand)

Battery                                    (36V*10.4A)

7 – E-Vantage MTB 27.5″ Electric Bike Review

The E-Vantage electric mountain bike is another electric mountain bike that we recommend you should consider this year. It has a comfortable ride thanks to the 27.5 x 2.10 “thick tyres. You can easily deal with unfavorable terrain and highways with your own E-Vantage!

Technical Specification

Crank sets                               (Crank Length 170mm) 36t Chain ring

Handlebar                               (Alloy Width 680MM) 6 rise

Fork                                        (Suspension Fork, 27.5) 100mm Travel with Lockout

Stem                                        (Alloy 70mm, +- 7)

Frame                                      (Alloy 27.5×18)

Grip                                         130MM

Pedal                                       (9/16 Alloy)

BB Sets                                   (L: BB73 * 127.5 mm)

R.Derailleur                            (Shimano TY300D)

Freewheel                               (Shimano CS-HG200-8) 8-SPEED (12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32(BR)

Shiter                                      (Shimano SL-M315-8R) RIGHT (8-SPEED RAPIDFIRE PLUS)

Brake                                      (Mechanical disc brake) Rotor 160mm

Chain                                      (½ *3/32 * 116L)

Hub Front                               (3/8 *13G * 36H)

Rims                                        (27.5 (650B)* 1.5 * 13G * 36H) double wall H=25

Tire                                         (27.5 * 2.10)

Spokes                                    (253mm W/12mm) brass nipple

Seat Clamp                             (34.9 Quick Release)

Seat Post                                 (27.2 * 350mm)

Kickstand                                (Alloy Kickstand)

Display                                    (0-5 assist level) (Max Speed 25kph)

Torque Sensor                         (Dual hall Cable length) 150mm

Controller                                (27.5/700C) (36V*350W 15A+1)

Charger                                   (42V 2A DC2.1) charger port 1200 + 900MM

Battery                                    (36V * 10.4A)

Motor                                      (27.5 * 36V *250W 25KM/H) Complies to EN15194

Electric Tricycle

7 – E-Free 24″ Electric Trike Black With Walk Mode Review

Finally, the E-Free 24″ Electric Trike Black with Walk Mode rounds up this list of the top Progear bikes. This electric tricycle is without a doubt one of the brand’s most popular products. Comfort, stability, and convenience are all features of the electric trike. Traveling is easy and enjoyable thanks to the low frame, relaxed seat movement, and easily accessible handle wheel. 

In addition, in walking mode, it has a built-in thumb lever that starts the tricycle simply by pressing the cruise control lever!

The E-Free works great and is especially beneficial to adults, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

Technical Specification

Wheels                                    (Easy rolling 24 x 1.75) Tyres

Front Brake                             (Promax Alloy V Brakes)

Bell                                         (Plastic Bell &  Alloy)

Chainwheel & Crankset         (Promax 1/2 x 3/32 x 38T Chain wheel) with (170 Alloy Cranks)

Frame                                     (easy low stepover height with Strong steel frame) 24 Wheel

Derailleur                               (Shimano RD-TX35) Rear Derailleur

Rear Brakes                           (Rear Disc Brake)

Brake Lever                           (Promax Alloy Brake Levers)

Shift Lever                             (Shimano SL-RS45-7R Shifters)

Handlebars                             (Chrome Plated Steel)

Freewheel                              (Shimano ACSHG2008233 Freewheel)

Stem                                       (Promax Alloy Adjustable Stem)

Grip                                        (Comfortable Rubber Grips)

Saddle                                    (Comfortable padded, spring leather saddle)

Fork                                       (Forks Steel)

Rims                                       (24″ x 1.75 x 14G x 36H Alloy Rims)

Saddle Clamp                        (Promax Alloy Seat Post Clamp)

Ground to Seat                      Approx. 76cm/98cm (Min/Max)

Handle Bar                            (From ground to top 110cm)

Available Colors                   (Black)

Tyres                                     (Kenda 24 x 2.125) Black Tyre

Carton Size                           (121 x 31 x 84.5 (L x W x H, cm)

Sizes                                      (24″ / Rear width 83cm) (150 cm – 165 cm rider height)


Progear is dedicated to supplying top-of-the-line electric bikes and tricycles that are always within your budget, as we discussed previously in this post. Not all e-bike manufacturers have the same mindset; some exclusively sell items at the higher end of the price range.

Progear Bikes, on the other hand, has a massive collection of e-bikes to suit people of various ages, shapes, and sizes. Their selection includes anything from electric mountain bikes to classique electric bikes that are ideal for off-road riding.

Here’s a quick summary of the different varieties of electric bikes available at Progear! A comprehensive Progear ebike review.