Top 5 Best E-bike Conversion Kits

As more and more people continue to opt for electric bikes, E-bike conversion kits make it possible to enjoy the pleasures of electric biking without breaking the bank or giving up the sweet nostalgia of our treasured old bikes. With an electric bike kit, all you need is a mechanical bike and a kit.

Before you opt to buy a electric bike kit, it is important to know what is preferable for your unique situation as there are several types. You may choose to go for a e-bike conversion kit that powers the bike from the rear (a rear-end kit). Conversely, you can choose to buy a front end E-bike conversion kit or a battery-powered bike motor kit. 

What does buying the wrong e-bike conversion kit mean? 

Well, for one, it can be time-wasting. It can also become expensive and a bad investment if you don’t have the right information. If you spend a few minutes skimming the review below, you will get a sense of what each e-bike conversion kit offers in terms of power delivery and surely, make the right decision when you make your purchase.

A Candid review of E-Bike Conversion kits

Monsterpro Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

Technical Specification 

This beauty comes complete with a 26 by 1.75 rim. It also has alloy wheels and a powerful disc brake. You’ll need to charge it for about 4 hours to get about 60 km of travelling range.

Key Features

Brushless hub for noiseless motion, Crank speed sensor for pedal assist and a fantastic LCD screen

Comes complete with a design that's ideal for both men, and women. 

Not recommended for dirt roads as front-hub can be insufficient on a hilly climb.

Voilamart Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit

Technical Specification 

This rear-ender comes with a brushless gearless motor, nylon titres and 1000W of unadulterated power. It weighs about 11.16 kg as well. Also, for optimal power efficiency, you can swap between two available power modes.

Key Features

Aluminium alloy power controller which guarantees high current supply to the motor and efficient mobility. Also, the brake levers are designed in such a way as to cut power supply to the motor when you apply pressure. This means you can stop when you want to. The instruction manuals are also pretty easy to understand.


Can handle more powerful motors

Looks stealthier and more reserved since the electric mount is on the back wheel

Wiring is simpler due to the proximity of batteries and the fixed rear wheel axle

Takes more time to mount and install compared to the front wheel

Generic Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit

Technical Specification 

This electric bike kit comes CE certified with a wheel diameter of 26 inches and Lassette/Rotary structure with a power cap of about 300W. This dandy can reach speeds of up to 25km/hr with a net weight of just over 1 kg.

Key Features

The motor works whether it’s put under hall effect or non-hall effect. This means that if there are faults with the motor, it can switch power sources and work perfectly. This electric bike kit system works without moving chains or gears which makes movement a lot more efficient.


Stealthier than the front electric bike kits

Less pricey than the 48V variant

Hall or Non-Hall effect capability makes it a more rugged option.

Less powerful than the 48V variant.

Complete Rear Hub E-Bike Conversion Kit

Technical Specification 

Like most, this rear e-bike kit comes with a 26 inch rim and steel spokes.It also carries a brushless hub motor and takes about 5 hours to reach full charge with a range of about 50 km.

Key Features

This old head is built to last in line with CE standards with thumb throttles, waterproof cables and 36 V 10 AH battery which gives it that extra “umph” of life on the road.


Has a battery indicator

Easy to set up.

Has a thumb kit for easy operation.

Adjustments may be necessary to make it work properly.

Full E-Bike Conversion Kit

Technical Specification 

This full bike conversion kit comes with a 26 by 1.75 inch rim size, Allow double wall rim, a battery charge time of about 5 hours and a range of about 50 km. It also has an LCD display, a light weight battery and a pedal assist mode.

Key Features

This electric bike kit is built to international standards and is CE certified with a powerful brushless hub motor. The brake levers which cut off power supply to the motor makes for a more ergonomic experience while riding.


Easier to install than most of the other available models

Clunky look and feel.


Are e-bike conversion kits any good? 
To put it mildly, e-bike conversion kits are the best value for money on the market. Most of them offer wonderful fit, great pricing, a host of hard to beat features and the opportunity to keep your old bike while you enjoy a brand new experience. 

Can you convert a normal bike to electric? 
For a long time, it was either difficult to achieve or impractical. Now, with the wonders of electric bike kits, you definitely can. While choosing, you also have a range of front, rear and mid range based electric bike kit options at your disposal. Better still, you can make all the installations by yourself with a simple manual or simple search on the internet. 

What is the best conversion kit
As with most things in life, it depends on how much you are willing to pay. It also depends on what the specifics of your situation are. For general purposes and recreational use, the 26” 48V 1000W Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle E Bike Motor Conversion Kit Cycling offers a sturdy combination of unbelievable power and reasonable price. Other kits on the list above have pros and cons that may make them more appropriate for your specific situation. For many people, an efficient ride to and from work is its utility and so cheaper, less powerful electric bike kits might suffice in that situation. 

How do I make my electric bike push? 
Some of the factors that may affect speed include the weight of the rider, the designated top speed of the electric bike, terrain and wheel size. For example, in most cases a 350W hub motor can go at about 30km/hour. On the face of it, a 500W geared performance motor should go faster but when it is running on the same battery as 350W, it averages similar speeds with the much less powerful 350W motor build. 

How much does it cost to convert bike to electric? 
Plainly put, when you factor in the cost of purchase, installation and logistics, you should be prepared to spend at least $1500 AUD. This is cheap compared to electric bikes which range between $3000 – $4000 AUD. Factoring the time cost of money, fuel and car maintenance costs, you can get savings that run into tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year from using an electric bike kit

Which electric scooter is best? 
While we are talking about electric bike kits, scooters are also a keen interest of many bikers. They are easy to use, environmentally friendly and a good for value for money. For more details click here.


You’re probably like me and my folks were a few years ago: in love with our old bikes or just looking for a new experience. Electric bike kits provide the perfect compromise between getting the rush of electric bike technology and maintaining the nostalgic and appeal of our old bikes. 

Not to mention, a good value for money. With either of the above listed ebikes conversion kits, you’re guaranteed to get more speed, greater efficiency and an unbeatable experience on uphill or rough terrain rides.

While it all sounds cushy, it’s important to weigh all the available options for mobility depending on the environment (terrain), utility, cost and design appeal. Whatever you choose, you’ll probably enjoy it. Like I did – For me, and I know for you too, electric bike kits are a definite YAY!!!

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