Bike Trainers vs. Bike Rollers: What’s the best option?

For many Aussies, the rush and rave of daily life leaves no room for a ride into the mountains or extended periods on the open prairie. Bike rollers & Bike trainers are a great indoor option for recreation, exercise, and personal healthcare. 

One the one hand, with a bike trainer, your bike fits into the stable trainer and stays there as you pedal. This function provides a great degree of freedom to enjoy the thrill of an outside ride with the convenience of its stationary position.

On the other hand, with bike rollers, your bike is placed on top of detached metal drums in a way that creates a centrifugal force for balance. While rollers are a slightly more difficult option for indoor riding, they can also be more exciting to master since they rely on the rider’s stance for sustained motion over time. 

A Candid Review of Bike Rollers/Bike Trainers in Australia

Deter GT-01 Bike Rollers – Design & Engineering Specs.

The Deter GT-01 is a standard bike roller. It’s made with anti-rust, aluminium alloy for a long-lasting experience. At 8.3kg, this lightweight machine is a simple pack and transports with great ease. It also comes with foot-pedal design, anti-roller and is skid resistant.

Deter MT-03 26-28 Bike Rollers – Design & Engineering Specs.

At 8.5kg of net weight, this lightweight machine is an easy fit for 26 – 28 inch wheel sizes. Combined with its 135 kg of maximum load capacity, It also comes with a critical front wheel block and a quick release skewer.

In addition to this impressive array of functions, this bike trainer is designed for multi-activity exercise sessions that make it possible for you to exercise freely while you grab a drink, listen to music and follow a YouTube instructional. It also comes complete with a maximum noise reduction magnetic roller and a heat dissipation fan.

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Which Roller Should you Buy

While the Deter GT-01 bike roller and the Deter MT-03 bike trainer stand are a good bang for your buck, there are a few important differences that can meaningfully affect your experience of these two incredible rider accessories. To that end, the section below provides a useful body of information that should have you up and riding to your heart’s content in a few hours. 

DETER GT-01 Aluminium Alloy Telescopic Bike Roller 

If you’re one for a slippy, scary and exhilarating experience of ride-rage, the Deter GT-01 bike roller is the accessory for you. Its durable, aluminium alloy is long-lasting and will be your trusty companion for many years. Also, at 8.3kg, this machine can fit everywhere and move as you move; with great flexibility and versatility. 

Deter MT-03 26-28 inch Red Bike Roller 

If what you want is safety as you exercise and enjoy a riding experience, the Deter MT-03 bike roller is the Australian market’s definitive take on an incredible, safe option for indoor exercise. Not only does it come with a maximum load capacity of 135 kg, it also weighs just 8.5 kg.

This means that it’s an easy tool to pack and travel with. In addition to this, this noiseless machine offers you the possibility of engaging in a wide range of activities as you enjoy your time on its sturdy build

Frequently Asked Questions

Are roller bikes a good workout? 

Bike rollers are an incredible way to recreate the experience of a ride outside. This is mostly due to the fact that you need to find a stance that lets you engage your core while maintaining firm balance as you pedal in the same way you would if you were on an asphalt road or engaging a steep climb up a mountain pass. 

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What are bike rollers good for? 

Bike rollers are an important option if you own a bike and desire to bring the incredible long road trails or steep rides up mountain passes home to your basement or living room. Rollers are an incredibly convenient option for indoor exercise because by virtue of their design, they allow you to experience everything in the same way you would if you were riding outside. 

Are rollers bad for your bike? 

Bike rollers offer absolutely no downsides to your bike as they function cohesively and independently of your steed but derive all their functional power from your routine. On the other hand, while trainers help with balance and ease during your rides, they can negatively affect your wheel’s balance and natural shape over long periods of consistent use. 

How do you ride bike rollers? 

The most important step is to maintain a straight gait as you carefully push against the pedals. This is key because since you’re riding on three metal cylinders, any awkward changes in your posture may register in transmission to the drums and come back as bumpy feedback which might lead you to need a lean-on or fall off your bike entirely.  


Bike-trainers and rollers offer an easy way to bring all the action into your private space. Many locals are choosing the convenience, ease and exhilaration of a ride at home experience for the days when a ride outside is too much of a luxury to manage.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to consider as much information as possible as you make a purchase decision as small differences in design and engineering may  maximally impact your experience.