5 Electric Exercise Bikes: Australia’s Secret to Better Sexual Health

While many Aussies have embraced the wonder and charm of electric exercise bikes, others worry about the significant negative effects that manual bicycles were said to have on their sexual and reproductive health in the past. In the wake of these allegations, many bicycle manufacturers made the reasonable decision to implement protective features that reduce the saddle impact on the sexual and reproductive organs of riders.

While concerns persist for low-cost manual bicycles, by design, e-bikes eliminate this problem. While many bicycle riders had to lean-in to their bikes from the front to exert the right amount of energy necessary on rides, electric bikes do not require the same level of exertion. Instead, e-bikes have been very useful to many Australians because they allow riders to exert themselves while reserving the capacity for a seamless, restful, motor-driven ride.

The section below shows how electric bikes help to enhance the sexual and reproductive lives of Australians in 2020.  

5 Ways Electric bikes can make you more attractive

Electric Exercise Bikes for Sex Appeal

Not only does e-bikes riding make you fit, but it also improves your confidence, eliminates fatigue, and rapidly enhances your sex appeal. Multi-variate, cross-cultural studies carried out all over the world have unilaterally converged on the fact that people find others more attractive when they display visible signs of health, agility, and virility.

Not only does an e-bike protect you from harmful fumes, a sedentary lifestyle, loneliness, and social isolation, it also trains you in persistence and physical coordination: traits that make you a lot more of a viable prospect for a romantic relationship. 

Electric Exercise Bikes for a sexual high

Although many Aussies turn to mind-altering drugs and Alcohol for motor and cognitive freedom, electric bikes can have much the same effect. While drugs and alcohol are drastically depleted all your psycho-motor inhibitors, electric exercise biking triggers the release of endocannabinoids which give you a burst of exhilaration without the addiction and the negatively life-altering disadvantages of drug and alcohol use. 

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In addition to this electric exercise bike riding actively regulates the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and makes you a lot more relaxed, and able to strike up a conversation, meet with someone new, or enjoy a renewed sexual relationship with your existing partner. 

Electric exercise bikes for sexual virility

Although electric bikes can improve your prospects with new people, they can also bring a spark to long-term partners and renew rapidly fading relationships. This is because electric exercise bike riding can drastically enhance blood flow, upper and lower body strength, and cardiovascular health.

Studies carried out in an American University showed that men who exercised for 120 minutes spread across a single week, for many weeks at a time were a lot less likely to encounter problems with sexual function. Also, the research established that women who exercise more frequently are more easily aroused and much more likely to enjoy sexual intimacy compared to those who do not. 

Electric Bikes for Social Connection

In this age of internet connection, social media, quarantine, and isolation, e-bikes can provide you with a safe and health-conscious mode of transportation, all the while incorporating the social element into your routine. Other than the fact that electric bikes remove the insularity from all your commutes, they make it much easier for you to meet and mingle with new people. A ride around the park or a journey to the grocery need not be a mindless event with the ease of use and aesthetic qualities that electric bikes generally possess. 

In addition to this, as e-bikes grow in popularity, Many social groups have been formed around the activity. While some of them require a little more, many just need you to own one to be involved and participate in their events. Events such as this are a great way to meet with incredible, like-minded people, build new relationships, and drastically increase your sexual prospects while doing so. 

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Electric Exercise Bikes for Stamina

Many Aussies are turning to electric exercise bikes for core rhythmic training techniques that are invaluable for an optimal sexual experience. This is because the compelling combination of high-octane pedalling and motor-driven moments of rest recreate the same movements that make sexual intimacy interesting. 

While manual bikes provide this to some degree, excessive reliance on the rider’s effort can lead to sprains and other physical injuries. In addition to this, electric exercise bike riding provides an adaptive system for gradually building up body strength and stamina on all your rides.  

Electric Exercise bikes for mental balance

While your body is an important accessory for sexual enjoyment, absorbing and cultivating negative mental states from other people can affect sexual performance.

In service of this problem, a study conducted for the UK cycle to work scheme showed that an overwhelming majority of the respondents reported that they had experienced a much-improved state of being while cycling: something that made them a lot more amicable and sexually active with their partners.


Electric exercise bikes combine the physical enhancement properties of the older manual models and the dynamism and versatility of the other motor-driven forms of transportation. Among its many benefits, electric exercise bikes can enhance your physical fitness and liberate you sexually. If you make the decision to purchase an electric exercise bike, it is important to spend some time learning about the e-bike of your choice from this website and others like it.

This is because although the electric exercise bikes in this section are of high quality, small differences in the design and engineering scope between the different models can meaningfully impact your experience.